Calculate Your Shipping

How to calculate the cost of your shipment?

1) I chose the type of shipping that suits your needs.

- CABA: Domocilio service with fixed cost, or withdrawal by our showroom.

- E International Shipping by mail, or DHL, you can consult

- To the rest of the country: withdrawal at the OCA branch, you can choose the one closest to your postal code. Or home delivery; Steps 2, 3 and 4 are for you to calculate the cost of your shipment.

2) We leave you the dimensions of the box!

3) Below is the weight of each of our products. With this information you can "put together" your box and thus calculate what your shipment will cost. These weights are unit, at the time of shipment the weight may vary considering that the calibration of the scales may be different.

Cushion with padding: 80cm x 60cm: 980 grams.

Filled cushion: 70cm x 50 cm: 900 grams.

Pillow Case Set: 900 grams.

Sommier cover: 2kg.

Quilt Cover: 3kg.

Quilt Filling: 2kg.

Padding or Bedspread: 5.4kg.

Feet / Throw: 1kg.

Bed backs: 2mt wide x 1.20mt high: 9kg.

1.80mt wide x 1.20mt high: 8.1kg.

1.60mt wide x 1.20mt high: 7kg.

1.10mt wide x 1.20mt high: 5.5kg.

4) Once you have added the weight of your order and estimated if you will need more than one box, enter the following link and calculate the cost .

* Our CP is 1428 .

What goes in ONE box?

The following are examples of the most common orders we receive, if your order does not match and you do not think you can estimate the number of boxes you may need at we can help you.

- 1 King or Queen padding + pillowcases.

- 1 duvet cover + 2 cushions of 80cm x 60cm.

- 1 duvet cover + 3 pillows of 70cm x 50cm.

- If you bought a two-seater or more padding and cushions with padding, you will need more than one box.

With this information you can calculate your shipment to any part of the country. Our shipments are made by OCA , a safe and fast service that reaches virtually all locations in the country.

If the client has another shipping company that he wants to use, we make ourselves available to deliver the order in our showroom, however once the order is delivered we also deliver any type of responsibility for it.

Once your shipment is dispatched, we send you the OCA guide number from the web, and by clicking on it, you can follow the route of your package day by day.