How to calculate the correct measurement of the Quilt?

How to calculate the correct measurement of the Quilt?

Selecting the correct measure of the Quilt, or Cover, is decisive for the final result to be aesthetic but also functional to the comfort of use.

Nowadays, the trend is the use of the Super King, which with its 2 mt width, gets all the applause for its comfort, but, when it comes to dressing them, there are usually drawbacks with the dimensions of the linen .

It is always important to bear in mind, when choosing, that the width of the mattress must be added, the height of the mattress on both sides, and then, consider that, ideally, it should have coverage up to half of the sommier or drawer, on both sides.

For this reason, many times the King Standard measurements with their maximum width of 260 are not enough, since at present the minimum thickness of the mattresses is It is 35 cm, being necessary to order the pieces to order.

This is fundamental, because, aesthetically, the ideal is that we can observe the bed dressed in layers, always looking for harmony not only in tones, but also also of proportions.