How to organize the bedroom?

How to organize the bedroom?

Many times, we think about the possibility of reforming the decoration of the room, but, at the first doubt or difficulty, be it structural or material, we quickly give up.

However, most of the times, a large investment of money or time is not necessary to obtain good results, if we plan the reform in advance.

Sometimes a simple change of bedding, or the tone of a wall, can have a great visual impact.

Of course, it is not the same to start from a bright and spacious bedroom than from a small and darker one, but we must always have as a premise, to know what pre-existing resources we have, precisely, to enhance the structural base that we have .

So if our room has little natural light, although dark gray is very attractive to us, it is probably not the best option for a large element such as a quilt, in this case, we can opt for a lighter base of the same tint, and select the dark one for an accessory that does not have so much visual weight. Pillows, Throws or footboards are allies to complement the whiteness, and play with more saturated tones.

If, on the contrary, we have a clear box, we can think of many options, taking into account our tonal preferences.

Sometimes, for fear of the result, the reverse happens. We do not dare to use color as a resource to be exploited, and although we achieve a technically correct environment, it does not reflect the initial idea or the personality > What we want to print to this sector of the house.

Therefore, before embarking on the purchase, it is good to take into account_

_The dimensions of the space. When these are scarce, opt by soft base tones for the pieces of greater dimension, quilt, bedspread or Duvet cover, and reserve the darker ones for accessories, whether or not they are textiles.

_The colors of the environment, both for walls and floors. A light gray porcelain tile is not the same as a cedar parquet, in the latter case, a good option to neutralize the orange tone is to place a light carpet or natural fibers at the foot of the bed.

_Light, a fundamental item, which is seldom taken into account, off white and pearl gray, always enhance it simply because they reflect it, and the reverse happens with earth and graphite.

Always bear in mind that monochrome environments in the long run generate visual monotony, in this case always, even in the last stage, it is ideal to add an accent of color and / or texture .