Tussor Quilt Cover Off White

$10,100 ARS

Covers Cotton Tussor Quilt, for optional incorporation of filler, (not included)
that can be removed for washing, or on hot days.

Does not include pillowcases, you can buy them separately in the Pillowcases section 50 by 70 cm.

Machine washable with cold water, like all our products, does not fade, and does not require ironing. < br>
This Product is made to order, and has a delay of 7 days.

Please note: Twin: For mattresses up to 1m wide x 2m long x 0.25m high. Queen: For mattresses up to 1.50m wide x 1.90m long x 0.25m high. High. King: For mattresses up to 2m wide x 2m long x 0.35m high.