Differences between Quilting or Quilt and Bedspread

23 | 06 | 2019
Differences between Quilting or Quilt and Bedspread

Frequent question, if any, when thinking about renewing the bed cover, is which piece is most suited to our needs.

The bedspread is the favorite piece of the midseason, its thinner filling allows you to go through the cool nights, and also adds a bit of volume to the aesthetics of the bed, something that duvet covers do not achieve. < / p>

The Quilt to Quilt has a thicker and heavier filling, ideal for the Winter season, its disadvantage is that its size forces us to resort to the Laundry, since it practically does not fit in domestic washing machines.

The Duvet Cover, on the other hand, consists of two layers of gender, with a termination, which can be buttonhole and button, gender ties or hidden closure. Very useful in Summer to use it alone, and then with the arrival of the fresh, adding a quilt or quilt filling from other seasons, and incidentally, renew your look.

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