The Ideal Size of the Bed Backrest

The Ideal Size of the Bed Backrest

They are in charge of completing the decoration of the room, they have in addition to their aesthetic aspect, a functionality that is rarely recognized.

The bed backrests must be carefully thought out, we always recommend that they be at least 10 cm wider than the mattress, since when dressing the bed, it takes on volume, and otherwise, the headboard will appear visually small.

Therefore, selecting the correct proportion is as important as the structure and gender.

Today, the undisputed trend are those that have a removable cover, not only because of the practicality that this represents, in terms of easy maintenance, but also because of the minimalist style that they give to the room.

It is always important to know where we are starting from, it is not the same to select it for a wall with a Saturated color such as dark gray, than to plan it to rest on a white wall.

Although it is true, that we can make a game of analogues, and select an upholstery tone with a similar hue to where it supports, it will always stand out more, making a game of contrasts .

The two options are technically correct, but the aesthetic result is quite different. So, as in other cases, we must first think about what effect we are looking for, and then select the size and color that best suits our needs.

In general, the wall where the headboard rests is the most attractive for the observer's gaze, so it is essential to diagram clearly, before making the purchase decision.

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