Choosing the right mattress cover?

Choosing the right mattress cover?

When finishing dressing the bed, a very frequent question is what type of skirt to choose.

Today, the world trend is the Box Spring, a model very similar to an adjustable sheet, to prevent the ruffles from getting dirty with movement, and in fact the Sommiers, in their most modern versions, have that upholstered sector so that this textile piece is not necessary.

However, when we have chest of drawers, or double in height, the option of the box spring with Corner is always the best, since it will allow us to easily extract the lower drawer or mattress.

Regarding the tone, it must always be borne in mind that dark ones, although they are more long-suffering and practical, visually stand out from the rest, therefore the observer's gaze will go directly to this element. For this reason, if we have, for example, todooff white, a dark gray would not be the most appropriate.

With the exception of Off white, we always suggest aesthetically differentiating the layers of the bed, that is, seeking color harmony, avoiding monochrome , which in the long run is monotonous.

It is essential to take the correct measurements from side to side of the mattress, and the height of the skirt to at least 2 cm above the floor, avoiding the accumulation of dirt, to achieve, in addition to an aesthetic result, a suitable functionality for day to day.