Mix Textures

Mix Textures

Good resources when dressing the room do not always require large investments.

Most of the time it's about knowing how to choose elements and combine them to add character and personality to the bedroom.

Playing with the textures of the different materials, not only textiles but through walls and objects, is one of the most ingenious ways of providing dynamism. For example, if we choose a classic decoration and choose a smooth cover or quilt, let's think that it stands out for its texture, and then it is ideal to combine with a blanket or footboard and cushions in other genres such as velvet, linen, or fabrics. Another very good option is to appeal to the scratches, which never go out of style .

Ideally, before buying, take the measurements well, and think of layers, from the sommier cover, onwards we can add quilt or quilt, a quilt cover which also has the advantage of a very simple cleaning, and of being the ideal cover in warm times.

Once the main palette has been chosen, we can incorporate it there rar cushions and footboard, and even some carpet to segment a corner of it. Achieving a harmonic composition, is the great challenge.