Textiles for the Room

16 | 09 | 2018
 Textiles for the Room


Thick and sometimes quilted, quilts are often used in colder seasons, as they are filled with layers of material that include polyester fiber (a synthetic fiber), feathers, wool or down. The thickness of the filling determines the weight, as well as the level of insulation.

It is stitched on all four sides and has a filling that may be more or less thick.

Quilts are sewn to be quilted and secure the padding to ensure even distribution and allow isolation.

Quilt Duvet Cover or Duvet Cover:

It is a textile piece that is sewn on three sides. On the side that is free you will have to place the duvet filling or Nordic filling, which can be made of feathers or synthetic.
The duvet cover is the most used bed cover nowadays, due to its better design and termination, compared with the classic bedspread, which instead, is a simple piece of gender with a finish.

Ours are made of 100% cotton, and we develop two models, with bows of gender or with eyelet and button, and both also bring the two pillowcases, which you can also use as cushion covers.
By our manufacturing process also have a semi-wrinkled texture that is not lost with the washes successive, which gives them a very particular charm.

Quilt or Duvet Filling:

Nordic filling is also an ideal solution for the cold. With feather, down, duvet or synthetic fibers, they interlock with each other to create air chambers that isolate the cold and create a microclimate inside the bed.

The Nordic filling is used as a duvet and is protected with a duvet cover, where there are thousands of prints and colors on the market, and which also decorate the bed.


It is a stuffed bed cover, usually of feathers (Feather) or of Guata, both fixed by perimeter seams. < br>

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