Renovate the Bedroom, where to start?

Renovate the Bedroom, where to start?

If there is an intimate and personal atmosphere, it is the Bedroom, therefore, when thinking about a reform, it is not only important to think about its function of rest, but also about the imprint we want to give it.

Although it is true that for years, blue-green tones were recommended, due to their psychological association with relaxation, today trends indicate that, used appropriately, gray and other saturated tones, allow to achieve very good results.

Nowadays, the trend is, more and more, the use of noble materials, derived from nature, such as wood, linen, cotton, which also With a Nordic aesthetic, they provide an unmatched warmth to the environments.

The important thing is to make this space a pleasant environment, where comfort is the main protagonist.

At the time When selecting Bedding, you must always take into account the starting point, whether the walls are dark or light, the tone of the floor, the level of lighting, the dimensions of the space, etc ...

It is not the same to plan the setting of a large and bright room, which allows greater freedom of choice, than a small bedroom with little natural light. In the latter case, very dark tones may be inadvisable, not only because they visually reduce the space, but because the lighting does not help either.

< p> Changing quilts, covers and pillows is a quick and effective option to transform the environment with few resources, and relatively quickly.

Before choosing the color, remember that the textiles must be of quality and preferably , made of natural fibers, such as cotton or linen, for their breathability, durability, and easy maintenance.

As an additional fact, try, to the best of our ability, combine r textures, and colors that provide a focal point and are easy to renew.