To select r correctly the size of your products, we advise you:

_Take into account the size of the mattress , according to the following diagram:

This will allow you to choose the correct option, to create a harmonious environment, without the decorative elements being out of proportion.

In the case of the sommier cover, it is essential that you know the height of the Sommier , to know if the height of the skirt is enough to cover it or, failing that, if it rubs with the floor.

For covers duvets, bedspreads and quilts, always the ideal is that they cover, at least up to half of the mattress cover, on each side of the bed.

For bed backrests we suggest at least 10 cm more than the mattress width, so that, when dressing the bed, it is not visually small.

Regarding the Footboards, we suggest at least a 30 cm drop on each side of the bed.